Chinese Herbal Therapy

Learn About the Benefits of Chinese Herbal Therapy from Our Staff

One of the most prominent parts of Chinese medicine involves the use of Chinese herbs to assist clients. There are two ways to classify Chinese herbs. The first is temperature, where they distinguish themselves based on being hot, warm, cold, neutral, or aromatic. The other distinguishing quality is the taste, whether sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, or salty. These combinations of Chinese herbs influence the yin and yang energy of the individuals who utilize them for medicinal purposes. To learn about how Chinese herbs can benefit you, talk to the professionals at Chinese Medicine Works Inc. Our staff can find the perfect Chinese herbal therapy method for any client. Give us a call at (540) 309-4105 or contact us online for more information.

What Benefits Do Flavors of Chinese Herbs Possess?

The flavors of Chinese herbs have specific benefits that our staff can help clients figure out. Sour flavors can assist with issues like deficiency, cough, chronic diarrhea, seminal and urinary inconsistencies, and hypo-metabolism. Sweet Chinese herbs improve digestive, respiratory, immune, and endocrine health, in addition to inhibiting pain due to constrictive action of muscles. When it comes to bitter Chinese herbs, clients can utilize our products to clear heat, purge bowels, and improve appetite. Have circulation issues? Consider utilizing spicy Chinese herbs to promote blood flow and circulate Qi. Finally, take advantage of salty herbs to soften masses and fibrous adhesions, which can impact areas like sores, inflammatory masses, and cysts.

Count on Chinese Medicine Works Inc. for an Effective Herbal Formula

When clients visit our Chinese herbalist, they receive a combination of herbs to treat any conditions necessary. Chinese herbal formulas typically consist of anywhere from four to twenty herbs, which allow maximum results for the user. These herbal formulas can take the form of pills, capsules, powders, and extracts, depending on necessity.

Another method includes decoction, which is a traditional form of herbal medicine in a concentrated form of tea. To find the perfect combination of Chinese herbs, call the professionals at Chinese Medicine Works Inc. in Roanoke, VA, today.